Threat of Mental Health Related to Strict Parents

Threat of Mental Health Related to Strict Parents

Threat of Mental Health Related to Strict Parents –  In family life, each parent must have different beliefs about educating children, the differences in how to care for children actually have their own impact on the child’s mental.

On this occasion, we will discuss some of the mental risks if as a parent you are too strict in managing your child’s life. Listen carefully to the dangers and bad effects below, yes!

1. She feels that she is living as a parent’s puppet and does not feel entitled to her own life

The risk to a child’s mental if you are too strict in regulating his life is that he can feel that he is just a parent’s puppet and does not have rights over his own life, in other words his mental stress is very much.

Because regardless of the parents’ desire to guarantee the life of their children, the children themselves certainly have desires and dreams. But forced to bury it because you are too strict in regulating his life.

2. The stress of having to follow a life path that he doesn’t want

The next mental risk is that he could experience premature stress. Because what parents want is not necessarily what they want and the best choice for them. Especially if it is about a way of life that has a big influence on their life, children might become depressed and depressed inwardly.

3. Mental never grew to be strong and mature

Then the third risk is that you might be mentally weak. Because whatever he lives in life is the order of his parents, so he never struggled or experienced things that made him mentally strong. Even worse, he can even grow into an immature person.

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4. Do not know his own happiness

This bad attitude of parents can make children not know their own happiness. In other words, the impact of people who always interfere with his life, making him have no goals or even certain moments that really make him happy. He never experienced the achievement of what he really wanted like other children in general.

5. Lack of passion and zest for life

And the last thing is that the child is mentally exhausted in the course of his day, does not have dreams that make him excited or excited. Maybe even her life feels empty and monotonous because it only follows the wishes of parents who strictly regulate it.…