Mental Illness Disorders that Kpop Idols Often Have

Mental Illness Disorders that Kpop Idols Often Have

Mental Illness Disorders that Kpop Idols Often Have – With an image that you must always be prepared for whatever happens in front of other people, sometimes this can be a major trigger for the occurrence of international illness.

Appearing on stage, talented, and known to many people, but it turns out that behind all that they are also still struggling in the midst of their success. Their mental health is one of the things they are at stake for. Apart from their hard work and training, sometimes netizens are also the culprit.

It does not rule out, what people say can bring down an idol’s mentality as well because they are human just like us. Being in different situations and busy schedules is their daily life. The KPop world that people think is brilliant from the outside, they also have a dark side. Here are 5 mental disorders most often experienced by KPop idols.

1. Panic attack

You may often see this frequent disorder, panic attack is experienced when someone feels scared or anxious repeatedly, causing sudden panic. As for idols, we usually see them at the airport or at events that consist of many people. His breathing shortened, his heart beat fast, he was dizzy, and trembled, so that his reaction could be crying.

2. Anxiety

In Indonesian, “anxiety”, this anxiety has been experienced by many idols and based on the latest in 2020, one of them is TWICE’s Mina. In July, JYP itself announced that the doctor had officially diagnosed. When experiencing this disorder, people will feel excessively anxious and mentally depressed.

3. Depression

Dangerous and high risk, depression is often experienced by KPop idols, some of them who have experienced namely Suga BTS from the song “Tomorrow”, he admitted and conveyed his condition, Suzy Bae on “Part People” in 2017, and SNSD’s Taeyon in 2019, he admitted himself on Instagram when there were fans who asked questions.

It is known to have been successful, but it turns out that depression can also be experienced. Even many KPop idols who experience suicide due to mental depression. Not a minor problem, depression really has to be handled properly.

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4. Bulimia Nervosa

Again, this disorder has been experienced by one of the famous and successful singers, IU. At the ‘Healing Camp’ program, IU told about herself after a debut that ate a lot and then vomited again. A feeling of anxiety and emptiness is filled with eating, but she admits that there is still a sense of “lack”.

5. Bipolar

Also called manic-depressive, the sufferer will experience episodes of changes where the mood can change (high or very happy) and episodes of depression (very low or very sad). Lee Joon admits that he has experienced bipolar disorder that disrupts his daily life and sleep time in an interview by Newsen.…