How to Treat Hair Loss to be Healthy

How to Treat Hair Loss to be Healthy

How to Treat Hair Loss to be Healthy – Hair is one of the most valuable assets. Hair often has problems, a common problem that occurs in hair is usually hair loss. Hair loss not only makes us insecure, but also can make our hair run out. Here’s how to deal with hair loss and how to treat it properly and correctly

1. Choose a Nourishing Shampoo

Hair loss is caused by the condition of the hair and scalp that is less nourished. Therefore, a nourishing shampoo is needed such as Pantene Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo so that the hair is strong and well maintained from the roots to the tips of the hair. Because this shampoo contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology which helps prevent damage caused by hair breakage. With regular use, your hair loss can be reduced by up to 98%!

2. Avoid tying hair too tight

Usually hair loss has a condition of brittle hair roots. When the hair is tied too tightly, there will be an effect of the hair being pulled and making it break and even fall. So make sure to tie your hair loosely so it doesn’t fall out.

3. Don’t use too hot styling tools

The average hair styling tool relies on heat to style the hair. But if it is too hot, it will actually damage the hair. So make sure to provide protection with a heat protector on the hair as well as adjust the temperature of the styling tool so it doesn’t get too hot, so that the hair stays healthy.

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4. Consume nutrient-rich foods

Be sure to consume foods rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc, protein, and vitamin B12 to strengthen hair condition.

5. Keep your hair clean

Make sure to shampoo regularly so that the scalp is free from all dust and dirt that can cause hair loss. We recommend using a shampoo with a gentle formula so that it does not erode the natural nutrients in the hair.

Hair loss is actually a normal and natural thing. At least, the hair will lose as much as 40 -120 strands. But if it continues to fall out, of course, baldness will overshadow. In addition, it must be uncomfortable if you see hair loss every day. The problem of hair loss is quite a concern. No wonder there are various ways to treat hair in order to get healthy and fertile hair. In addition to treatment at a beauty clinic, the problem of hair loss can be overcome in a natural way even using ingredients that are easily obtained, you know.…