Sportsbook Gambling Online With These Several Types Of Bet

Sportsbook Gambling Online With These Several Types Of Bet – Online soccer betting can provide benefits for bettors. In addition to the practicality obtained from it, you also play various parties and matches that are held every week.

Starting from popular leagues such as Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, Bundes League, Italian Serie A and various other matches from domestic to international.

With just one account, you usually enjoy all the games that are available to play. For that you also need to know the various types of soccer bets that you can play / Let’s go straight to the review of each bet.

Over Under (OU) Bet

Is a bet to guess the total goals that will occur in a match regardless of which team will win or lose in the result. What should be your concentration in predicting this bet is the range of goals that will be scored by both teams.

Basically this bet is very popular and in the sbobet88 interest of many people and invites various bettor circles to bet on OU. As a beginner bettor, this bet is also suitable for you to rely on every time you bet because it is not difficult to win in a bet like this as long as you make good predictions.

The market will usually provide the OU value in a match to be placed. For example, in a match between X and Y, the market for OU 2.5 balls is given. So that way you can put over if you guess the number of goals that will happen is more than 2.5 balls, aka at least 3 balls. Meanwhile, you can go under if you think the total goals that will occur are smaller than the value of 2.5, aka a maximum of 2 balls.

If your guess is right, you will get paid according to the odds provided when you place the bet

Handicap Betting (Vooran)

Is a very exciting and common bet in the world of sports betting. The handicap must be mastered and played by every bettor because it is the basis for almost all other soccer bets. In a match, the party may not provide certain bets, but the handicap is always available to play.

The handicap concept came about because of the difference in conditions and quality of the two teams that will compete. After measuring the strength of these two teams, the value of this handicap will be issued by the bookie and bettors can place it on one team based on the value of the handicap and the odds given.

For example, the match between Manchester United and Aston Villa. In this match, MU gave 1.5 ball balls to Aston Villa. Thus, if you bet for the MU team, you can win the bet if MU wins from Aston Villa with a winning difference of 2 goals, which means it is greater than the Vooran value which is only 1.5. Meanwhile, if MU only manages to win 1 goal, which means the goal value is smaller. of the handicap value then you will lose the bet. And conversely the bettor who places the Aston will win the bet.

The value of the handicap, of course, varies from multiples of 0.25 and it could be in a match the handicap is 0 which means that these two teams do not give each other a vote. These various values ​​make the results of winning and losing bets different. Simply put, if you win or lose a bet with a 0.25 handicap difference, the winning and losing value is only half. However, if it is more than that, i.e. 0.5 balls, then the value of winning or losing is full.

Bet 1 x 2

Also known as bets win draw lose or home draw away. That is, you can bet without any handicap at all and guess one of the three results that will occur.

You can place 1 to choose the home or home team, select X to place a draw, and choose 2 to place a win on the away or home team.

Correct Score

Also known as a score guessing bet, basically this bet is not too good to be played as your main bet. But this bet is fun and you can play it as a side bet with a small value to enjoy a match.

It is not easy to win in guessing the score bet, but if you win the sensation you get is of course extraordinary plus you win the money.

Mix Parlay

Or a mixed parlay is a bet that combines several matches in a bet. At least you have to choose 3 matches to bet on either in terms of handicaps, ou or other systems.


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