How to Take Care of the Right Nails

How to Take Care of the Right Nails – For some people, fingernails and toenails are often overlooked or even completely ignored regarding cleanliness and health. In fact, it is not difficult to take care of nails to stay healthy and grow well. If the fingernails and toenails are rarely cleaned, it is not impossible to cause dirt to stick, accumulate, and cause various diseases. Call it brittle nails, broken, and fungal infections.

How to take care of nails

In order for you to get good nail health, of course you need to know how to properly care for your nails.

1. Keeps nails dry
One way to take care of healthy nails is to keep them dry. The reason is, the nails and the surrounding skin that are moist can become easy targets for fungi and bacteria. If left unchecked, of course it will cause a fungal infection of the nails.

In addition, nails that are exposed to water for too long can cause them to break easily. You can keep your nails dry by wearing gloves. Gloves can be worn when washing dishes, washing clothes, or when exposed to harsh chemicals.

2. Cut nails as needed

Nail clipping is one of the many treatments that need to be done to maintain healthy nails. However, you need to know how to properly trim your nails. It is important to trim your nails to make them look neat and free from dirt. However, this must be done with caution. For example, you are not recommended to participate in cutting the nail cuticle. This can cause an ingrown toenail (ingrown).

In addition, cutting nails should not be too short because fingers can hurt and make trapped dirt difficult to clean.

3. Avoid biting your nails

Biting nails is certainly something that can damage nail health. This habit that is often done when feeling anxious or bored can cause damage to the texture of the nails and make the tips of the nails uneven. In fact, this habit also makes you susceptible to disease because of the entry of bacteria that sticks to the nails into the mouth. That’s why, avoid the habit of biting your nails to stay healthy.

4. Don’t use nail polish too often
Another way of caring for nails that you need to pay attention to is not using nail polish or nail polish too often. It’s fine if you want to decorate your nails with nail polish. However, doing it too often can actually damage your nails due to frequent exposure to chemicals.

One of the signs of nail damage due to the use of nail polish is yellowing of the nails. Therefore, you should only use nail polish occasionally and choose products with light ingredients. Also, use an acetone-free nail polish remover. The reason is, acetone can damage the color of the nail surface and make it cracked.

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5. Eat nutritious food
Nail care to stay healthy and strong will not be complete without eating nutritious foods. What is the relation?

To create strong and healthy nails you need to meet the nutritional needs, especially iron. For example, iron deficiency is often associated with nails that break and fall off easily. When these nutrients are met, you can certainly have strong and healthy nails.

6. Use oil from natural ingredients
Nail care will not be complete without the use of natural ingredients. There are a myriad of natural ingredients that you can use as a topical oil to strengthen your nails, such as:

Linseed oil
Flaxseed is a natural oil that is believed to be good for nails because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Natural flaxseed oil is also believed to improve nail cell health by reducing inflammation at the nail bed.

Jojoba oil
This oil derived from the extract of the seeds of the jojoba plant contains essential and non-essential fatty acids. Both are known to help moisturize nails and increase the strength of the nail layer. You can use it as a way to treat nails by applying directly to the cuticles.

How to Take Care of Long Nails

Some of you may want to beautify your nails by making them long. Basically, having long or short nails is everyone’s preference and doesn’t really affect nail health. However, long nails are more prone to injury, especially when you’re used to tapping your nails against a table. As a result, blood clots can occur on the nails and produce black nails. If you still want to grow your nails, you may want to start with your fingers first. Because fingernails grow much faster than toes.

You see, fingernails grow about 0.1 mm per day. That is, fingernails grow by 3 mm in a month. This happens because the fingers are used much more often than the toenails. As a result, your fingernails grow faster than your toes. In addition, there are also experts who say this phenomenon occurs because the fingernails are closer to the heart. That way, fingernails get better blood circulation.


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